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View this quick step-by-step instructional video demonstrating how to snap together TotalSeal snap-lock pipe.  Snap, screw, sealed—never use tape or mastic again to seal your snap-lock pipe.

Heating & Cooling Products is committed to TotalSeal being the easiest Sealed Ductwork Solution from start to finish.

Saves you time during design:

  • by working just like regular Snap lock pipe and fittings.
  • Revit Drawings for specification purposes
  • UL/ICC Approved as a sealed system

Saves time and space on the Jobsite

  • Pipe Bundles together reducing transportation costs/time
  • 2x faster to install than mastic
  • 2.5x faster than 181 Tape

Available at your local Wholesale HVAC Supplier

  • No long lead times

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